Friday, 27 September 2013

The Midlife Nomad - Traveling Full Time? Work & Travel? Volunteering with Travel?

Hi all,

No matter what your age, money will be an issue unless you family are in the top 1% of the population, so lets be real. Whats is the best way to travel? 

The answer is different for everybody, you age, your sex and time you have. Now I cant speak for everyone, but here's an idea - If you save $10,000's dollars and go travelling, how long would it last? 3 months, 6 months or maybe a year if you head to the least developed areas of the world. 

What would you like from you travels? One idea would be to skip across the globe and see the highlights, another idea would be to stick to one continent and explore a continent fully. Another idea would be to live and volunteer whilst  your discovering a country.

I think you need to find you own way. Personally, I dipped in and out of holiday travels each year using up my 6 weeks annual leave and having weekend breaks into Europe. I did a solid 12 months through South America and then spent 2.5 years living and working in Australia with the occasional trip into Asia. All satisfied me at that time. This year will be different and I'm looking forward to a different format. I intend to discover Canada through the winter by volunteering my time in exchange for accommodation, food and local life.      

Being a little older (but wiser) than the 20 something, working in a career in a different country places different demands on an individual, you need visa's to work, regulations need to be meet my the company sponsoring you and not all  of us can work in a different country with our desired profession.

Lets take an idealistic view volunteering your way through a country from a primarily financial perspective:-

365 days a year with an average of $50's per night for accommodation - a grand total of $18250
Food and water with an average of $30's a day - a grand total of $10950

Before you have begun - you need a wopping  $29200 - how long do you think it would take you to save that sort of money? 

If you volunteer - these initial costs will be covered, you will have a different adventure and truly get into local life. I also see many hidden benefits. The skills you will learn on the way which can benefit your life in the long term. The people you will meet and if you ever return to the country, you will have a network of close friends to return to.

In conclusion, its an option when travelling in developed country

Canadian Trivia - The Trans-Canada Highway between Victoria, BC and St. John's, NF is the world's longest national highway with a length of 7,821 km / 4,860 miles

Happy travels, living life and new experiences


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