Friday, 27 September 2013

The Midlife Nomad - Harvesting "The First Frost"

Hi all,

The first frost of the year indicates a need to harvest.  Potatoes, mushrooms and the death of the sunflower indicates winter is close by. More wood needs to be chopped and the last of the outdoor activities need to be complete. 

A large collection of mushrooms found on the farm. Did you know, the mushroom grow under the grown and the mushroom we eat is the seed part?

Using the hydraulic chopper to split the wood we retrieved from the forest. Canadian regulations enforce the usage of only trees which are damages or fallen.

Drying out the sunflowers. The seeds will be used in a few weeks once the seeds are ready to eat

Storing the potatoes and squash stored in a warm outhouse, lined for extra warmth. 

Canadian Trivia - Canada is almost 41 times the size of the UK

Happy travels, living life and new experiences


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