Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Midlife Nomad - Can you go off the grib?

Hi all,

Earlier this week I looked at my options - go back to full time work or try exchanging effort for accommodation & food. Not a fare exchange on the surface, especially with a "work by the hour" mentality, but what about "living your life". I looked at a new website "XXXX/" and went through the process of setting up a profile, going through the verification process (stage 1).

Next step, looking through a hundreds of possible places and methods for exchanging your time. I believe it is very wise to consider location, the people you will be staying with and more importantly, what life skills you will gain.

In my experience, I found not all your desired locations and projects will suit both parties. Eventually the list with whittle down to a small selection, where you can send emails back and forth about times for arrival, the period of time you will be staying and what is expected from both parties.

In this instance, the host and I chose to exchange 5 hours a day for a bed, lunch, dinner and a few glasses of home made beer from his micro brewery.    

Over the next few post, I will express the ups and downs with my experiences

Canadian Trivia - Banff National Park, located in the Province of Alberta, is the oldest national park in Canada, established in 1885.

Happy travels, living life and new experiences


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