Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Midlife Nomad - Around Calgary

Hi all,

After leaving California and the tough grilling with customs, I opted to use Air "BnB" for the first seven nights

You be amazed what you can find on Air BnB - Yes you pay for a room, less than an hotel, more than a dorm full of 20 somethings, but the hidden gem are the people you connect with. They let you into their home and then friendship can begin.......

The pre-season game after the big flood in Calgary earlier this year. The fierce rivalry between Edmonton (Oilers) and Calgary (Flames) is always tense - this game was no exception. 3 fights, many 2 minute benches and a close finish. The rookies are all trying to prove themselves for this season’s team selection

Banff high-street before the snow season - a very different feel and look. Snow expected late November, early December.

Lake Louise is situated about 1.5hrs from Calgary - This view taken from the day hike to the Beehive is spectacular. 

Trans-Canada express - We chased this train all the way up the country side until we could find a great place to snap a few shots 

Canadian Trivia - The Thousand Island Railway, which ran in Gananoque, Ontario, is North America ’s shortest railway in history, just 5.43 km / 3.32 miles

Happy travels, living life and new experiences


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